Why Drug Testing Using Hair Is Much More Effective

There are different ways of testing whether a person is positive for substance use or not. Commonly, people know about testing it through our blood or through our urine. However, what few people know about is that every time the drug enters our body it is directly absorbed into our bloodstream. After that, the blood system then pushes the substances into our hair follicles which are stored in our hair shaft even as our hair grows. Our hair grows at an average of 1cm per month which is why 3cm of it is enough to know whether the person has used drugs for the past three months.

Aloe Rid review by weedinmypocket clearly states how they deal with the metabolites found in our hair which makes it much more possible to eliminate them at the date where you are scheduled to have a drug test. Aloe Rid is two combinations of different shampoos that work magic if used together. The first shampoo is made in order to clean the toxins in your hair while the other one serves as the final cleanser to keep your head clean. The advantage of using this one is the fact that it does not let your hair get its natural oil sucked out as it has moisturizers and conditioning agents which make your hair healthier. If you compare it to other products, you will surely say that this one costs a lot however if you are going to use it, you will surely know how the product is just worth every penny.

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